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组 and 活动

Sing with The Mandarins, Otto Tunes, or one of the five other student a cappella groups on campus. Grab a group of friends for a free movie screening courtesy of Orange After Dark. Join a fraternity or sorority, connect with your culture, get out into nature, write for a student-run publication, or fight to protect human or animal rights.

With over 300 student organizations, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore interests, 追求的激情, get involved and engage with the 新皇冠体育 大学 community.

Student a cappella group, The Mandarins, singing in Hendricks Chapel

Student Organizations

生活 and learning happen inside the classroom—and out! 新皇冠体育 大学 is home to more than 300 extracurricular groups, so you'll never run out of ways to live and learn.

家庭 touring campus with a U100 ambassador on the quad


大学100年 is a group of 新皇冠体育 大学 student ambassadors who represent our diverse community and share their love of Orange through campus tours and networking events.

Greek life students pose for a group photo at the Orange Grove in autumn


Students join a fraternity or sorority to enhance their feeling of community and build ongoing connections. With more than 40 Greek organizations to choose from, it's easy to find one that matches your interests or goals.

Vice President and President of SA pose for a photo

Student Association

The Student Association (SA) is your undergraduate student government. SA serves as your representative voice and focuses on initiatives to help make your undergraduate experience the best it can be.

研究生 Student Organization

The 研究生 Student Organization (GSO) is comprised of representatives from degree-granting programs and elected officials. The GSO also represents graduate students in the 大学 Senate, allowing graduate students a voice in the larger issues of the 大学. 

大学 Union

If you’re a fan of music festivals, movie screenings, 喜剧演员, notable speakers, 和更多的, you’ll likely be a fan of 大学 Union—the student organization that brings entertainment to the students of 新皇冠体育.

Student Engagement

联系 Student Engagement is where you’ll find student organizations you can join, information on who they are and when they meet, and events for you to browse.

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